Stephanie Broadbent

Art Psychotherapist

Stephanie Broadbent, a skilled Arts Psychotherapist, brings a unique perspective to her practice by utilising a multimodal approach that is customised to each client’s specific needs. With a background in art and a genuine passion for aiding individuals through their challenges, Stephanie’s career path naturally led her to the realm of art therapy. Stephanie’s empathetic nature, combined with her artistic talents, enables her to create a supportive environment where clients can explore their difficulties. Her client-centered and trauma-focused approaches ensure that individuals feel heard and understood throughout their therapeutic journey. 

Drawing from a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, Stephanie brings expertise in art therapy, music therapy, eco-therapy, sand tray/play therapy, narrative therapy, dance/movement therapy, play therapy, and traditional psychotherapy. By integrating these approaches, she provides clients with a holistic and comprehensive therapeutic experience. 

With Stephanie’s guidance and compassionate care, clients have the opportunity to engage in a healing process that embraces their unique strengths and personal expression. Through the power of art and various therapeutic techniques, Stephanie empowers individuals to navigate their challenges, discover new insights, and achieve personal growth and well-being.

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