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Relational Minds Child and Family Mental Health Clinic is revolutionising how we care for families with children who suffer from mental illness.  We look after parents first.  We recognise that the family and the care system are the keys to understanding and treating mental illness in young people.  We provide specialist child and adolescent mental health assessments and therapies focusing on supporting families and caregivers to promote positive emotional development in their children and adolescents.

Our mission is to create a more hopeful world for children by empowering their parents and carers.

Relational Minds is based in Woodend,  Melbourne with clinics in Sunbury, and Mildura.  We provide parent support to all areas of Australia with a focus on regional areas who are in great need.  Our multidisciplinary specialist team consists of: 

We take a holistic approach to assessing, diagnosing and ultimately improving child mental health and the emotional wellbeing of young people.

Our specialist brand of child and adolescent mental health care is built on the principles of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and driven by the attitudes of Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy referred to as P.A.C.E. You can read more about the way P.A.C.E. might be used to help children here.

Young people depend on healthy trusting relationships for emotional development.

Our unique approach is to care for parents and caregivers first, so you are informed, supported and better enabled to begin caring for your child with a mental health issue.

We work collaboratively with you and your family to:

• understand and support your family system
• build your confidence so that you can support the positive emotional development of your child or adolescent
• help you to understand the different stages of a child’s brain development
• teach you about therapeutic parenting skills and self care
• provide professional services and guidance to aid your child’s recovery from mental illness
• Guide you through our “Therapeutic Parenting” group program

Therapeutic Parenting Group

Relational Minds offers a Therapeutic Parenting program for biological parents, teachers and other professionals.

The program aims to help parents develop an understanding of their young person’s emotional development, build therapeutic parenting skills and practice consistent self care in a holistic manner.

Our Services

Relational Minds Child and Family Mental Health Clinic specialise in child mental health assessments and care of children, adolescents and young adults and their families in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our parental support programs and professional mental health services support child mental health.

Parent Support

Our expert team of mental health professionals in Victoria work with you to create a holistic and thorough understanding of your child, teen or young adult and their world, including their family/carer system.

Parenting for Mental Health

Based on Kim Golding’s Foundations for Attachment Program we help Victorian parents develop an understanding of their child’s emotional development, build therapeutic parenting skills and practice consistent self care.

Art Therapy

Our team of mental health professionals in Melbourne, Woodend and Mildura includes Art Therapists who will work with you and your child to improve psychological health and discover coping mechanisms using art therapy.

Family Therapy

We strongly advocate the use of family therapy to build or repair family relationships and develop positive and helpful ways of interacting with your child, teen or young adults. Our expert family therapists will assist with any challenges that your family may be facing, helping to develop effective resolution skills.

Psychological Assessments

In regional Victoria and Melbourne our experienced psychologists offer assessments of psychological functioning for children aged 6 and up. We offer Cognitive (Intelligence) Testing, Literacy and Numeracy Testing, and personality assessments (Personality Assessment Inventory).

Psychological Treatments

Our psychologists in Melbourne and regional Victoria have vast experience using therapeutic interventions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Functional Recovery, Art Therapy and Sensorimotor (Body Based) Psychotherapy.

ADHD Assessment

Is your child hyperactive or inattentive? Are you wondering if your child might have ADHD? Our clinicians offer ADHD assessments and ongoing therapy for children and adolescents in Melbourne and Mildura.

Autism Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your child has autism or do some of their behaviours make you think they could be on the spectrum? Has your GP or paediatrician asked for an ASD Assessment? Our professionals can undertake autism assessments in Victoria.

Child Protection Assessment & Liaison

We provide mental health assessments and treat young people in Out-Of-Home Care (OOHC). We have experience working with the child protection system and liaising with child protection staff in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

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