Providing Melbourne families with holistic Child Psychiatrist, Child Psychologist and Family Therapy services

Relational Minds provides family focused services in psychiatry, psychology, functional recovery and mental health education. Based in the north west of Melbourne, we specialise in the mental health assessment and care of children, adolescents, young adults and their families. 

We improve the mental health of young people by providing the experience of connectedness and acceptance, while spreading the message that relationships are the key to recovery. The service is built on the principles of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. Our practice is driven by the attitude of Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy.

Family Care makes us different

At Relational Minds, we care for your family first. Our goal is to understand and support your family system, to facilitate your young person’s emotional development and recovery from mental illness. We believe treating mental health issues relating to children and adolescents must involve their family or care system (including partners, child protection or other carers).
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It’s The Relationship That Heals

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Our Services

We specialise in the mental health assessment and care of children, adolescents, young adults and their families.

Family Care

We believe in creating a holistic and thorough understanding of your young person and their world including their family/carer system.

Psychological Treatments

We work together with you to help find ways to improve your psychological health and coping mechanisms.

Family Therapy

We support you to build or repair family relationships and develop ways to respond to your young person, as well as assist with any challenges that your family may be facing.

Psychological Assessment

We offer assessments of psychological functioning for children aged 6 and up. We offer Cognitive (intelligence) testing, Literacy and Numeracy testing, and assessments of personality (Personality Assessment Inventory).

ADHD Assessment

Is your child hyperactive or inattentive? We offer ADHD assessments and ongoing therapy for children and adolescents.

Autism Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your child has ‘autism’ or are they ‘on the spectrum’? Has your GP or Paediatrician asked for an ASD Assessment? We can help.

Child Protection Assessment & Liaison

We assess and treat young people in Out-Of-Home Care (OOHC). We have experience working with the child protection system and child protection staff.

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Meet our team

Meet our friendly, professional team of psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapist and art therapists.