Laura Spencer

Family Therapist

Laura is a Clinical Family Therapist at Relational Minds. She has a passion for working with young people and their families, and has worked with families in a range of different settings including community health, schools and government roles. 

Laura enjoys building relationships with family members and supporting families to better understand each other’s experiences. Laura holds in mind that in families where there are mental health challenges the relationships between family members are often put under stress, and despite a family’s best attempts to remain close, disconnection can happen. Laura’s focus in therapy is to think creatively together about how to strengthen relationships between family members.

Laura uses system’s theory in her approach to child and family mental health and believes that the relationships in families are a key resource in the treatment of child and adolescent mental health difficulties. She welcomes all family members to therapy when, and if, they feel ready to join.

Laura enjoys working with a diverse range of families, and she has particular interest in: the impact of Western culture on parenting and families, children and parents with a highly sensitive temperament, complex mental illness, and family stories/generational history.

Outside of Relational Minds you might find Laura listening to audio books and podcasts, baking, travelling, heading to a café, getting outdoors in nature, spending time with family and friends, and raising a very curious toddler.

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