Functional Recovery Support

Have you ever felt that doing psychological therapy doesn’t seem to translate to behavioural change or functional improvement? Perhaps you need help to put the psychological strategies into action.

Our vision is to support and assist young people and their families navigate through the challenges they encounter with their mental health recovery. Our functional recovery model focuses on a range of domains including:

  • Personal Activities of Daily Living (eg. Hygiene)
  • Instrumental activities of daily living (eg. Financial management, looking after pets)
  • Educational and vocational functioning
  • Leisure Activities
  • Social Functioning

We endeavour to move through and beyond symptom management, with a view to fully align our clients with their sense of identity and purpose. First, we would like to get to know you. We realise this may take some time, it’s a brave decision to focus on the future! The key elements of Recovery oriented Practice includes:

  • Connectedness
  • Hope and Optimism
  • Establishing and consolidating sense of identity
  • Meaning and Purpose in life
  • Empowerment 

Ready to make an appointment?

You can call or use webchat if you are feeling suicidal, are affected by suicide or are worried about someone who you think is considering suicide to get support and help. The web chat option does require you to register and create a password, so there are a few steps to this in case this may add to your overwhelm.
If you’re experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide:

Call Kids Help Line any time for any reason if you need help, especially if you are struggling with difficult emotions or are feeling distressed. They are there to talk to you and help. For anyone 25 or under.

The Lifeline phone line is available 24/7. Their text line is open midday to midnight and requires you to answer some pre-survey questions to register to use the service. Text: 0477 13 11 14 Webchat is available 7pm-midnight and can be anonymous, there are questions, but they are not mandatory to answer.

For all ages.

If you have difficulties relating to your gender or sexuality, the Q-life service may be able to help.

Q-Life is a free anonymous phone or webchat service run by Switchboard. The service is open 3pm – midnight every day. They do not offer ongoing counselling, rather they can offer support regarding any issues you are having related to gender or sexuality that you would like to discuss anonymously.