ADHD Assessment

Is your child hyperactive or inattentive? Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can present in many ways including with anxiety and depression. More commonly they present as being distracted at school or with oppositional behaviours.  ADHD can run in families and is also associated with other mental illness in the family.  ADHD symptoms can also be part of other mental disorders eg. Major Depressive Episodes, Borderline Personality Disorder or PTSD.

ADHD can occur as Hyperactive, Inattentive or mixed types. The diagnosis of ADHD requires symptoms of inattention and focus that occurs in at least two settings (eg. home and school).

The assessment will begin with a clinician taking a mental health assessment history to understand the factors that have contributed to your child’s developmental progress and neurological development. Then we will collect information from another setting, for example your child’s school. We do this by using standardised tests (e.g. SNAP-IV).

If your child meets the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, your clinician will recommend an appointment with our psychiatrist to discuss treatment recommendations.  Medication treatment has been shown to be effective in treating ADHD symptoms but non medication strategies are always important.

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You can call or use webchat if you are feeling suicidal, are affected by suicide or are worried about someone who you think is considering suicide to get support and help. The web chat option does require you to register and create a password, so there are a few steps to this in case this may add to your overwhelm.
If you’re experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide:

Call Kids Help Line any time for any reason if you need help, especially if you are struggling with difficult emotions or are feeling distressed. They are there to talk to you and help. For anyone 25 or under.

The Lifeline phone line is available 24/7. Their text line is open midday to midnight and requires you to answer some pre-survey questions to register to use the service. Text: 0477 13 11 14 Webchat is available 7pm-midnight and can be anonymous, there are questions, but they are not mandatory to answer.

For all ages.

If you have difficulties relating to your gender or sexuality, the Q-life service may be able to help.

Q-Life is a free anonymous phone or webchat service run by Switchboard. The service is open 3pm – midnight every day. They do not offer ongoing counselling, rather they can offer support regarding any issues you are having related to gender or sexuality that you would like to discuss anonymously.